Rongoaa Raawekaweka Art Therapy Coloring-in Book (PDF Download)



This indigenous Maaori-made Art Therapy PDF resource has been designed for the purpose of improving mental health & well-being, for people of all races & ethnic groups.  Each page has been designed with a powerful message to install mana (strength) & mauri (power) while coloring in the healing images.

Research shows that indigenous art therapy benefits in the following ways:

- Personal integration - improving self-confidence

- Emotion and impulse regulation

- Behavior change

- Insight and comprehension - ability to verbalize emotions

(Mathew Chiang, William Bernard Reid-Varley, Xiaoduo Fan. Creative art therapy for mental illness: Psychiatry Research. May 2019; 275:129-136)

*Disclaimer:  All health outcomes are different.  Check with medical professional about this resource if needed

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