Rongoā Rāwekaweka - Adventure Based Indigenous Therapy Programmes


In the complex trauma space, we run our Rongoaa Raawekaweka Retreat programmes.  

Cultural & nature engagement and reduces violent reoffending (Dr Stephanie Shepherd).  Being connected to culture through regular engagement in a meaningful activity while in custody, provides a sense of routine, stability, improved self-esteem, life purpose and social support.

Cultural engagement is defined as:

1. Participation in cultural activities and events

2. Connection to culture

3. Connection to homeland/traditional country

Our retreat programmes include:

- Long hikes

- Rope Courses

- Camping trips

- Rock climbing

- Breathing activities

- Maori/polynesian art

- Kapahaka (poi/rakau)

& much more

In our adventures, the process of:

• Empowerment,



•Emotional and psychological transformation

Are all implicit but profoundly therapeutic elements. These elements of adventure & creativity enable us to experience ourselves differently and subsequently develop new skills and strengths. In therapy, this empowerment, growth, healing and shift from one place within ourselves to another is explicit and interestingly, the very adventurous and often extremely challenging nature of therapy is not so obvious – more implicit

Our qualified service providers engage with participants by specific indigenous cultural activities combined with a cultural form of dialogical therapies, team building and adventure activities with the objective to help them connect with the serenity of nature and let them explore and rebound themselves.

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