(a) To promote holistic health and well-being in the community;

(b) To build & provide dome tent community housing to tackle the housing & mental health crisis together;

(c) To undertake research and development projects, and collaborate with, tertiary institutions and technology organisations to develop innovative resources to promote and improve holistic health and well-being;

(d) To provide therapeutic programmes and activities for people with mental health problems and disadvantaged young people;

(e) To provide professional development and skills training to members of H.I.H Trust, staff and the community in order to achieve the objectives of H.I.H Trust;

(f) To partner with employment services to promote and improve work and employment opportunities for people with disabilities, particularly those with mental health challenges;

(g) To collaborate with other like-minded organisations and work on other initiatives or programmes consistent with H.I.H Trust's objectives; and

(h) To provide any other support and assistance consistent with H.I.H Trust's objectives.


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